What Is A Minute Taker? And Why You Need One!

More often than not, people rarely put their hand up to take the minutes of a meeting. It may be out of inexperience or could be the fact that it’s a task that many people just don’t like.

You may be attending a meeting and wondering what is a minute taker? Who is a minute taker? And, what exactly do they DO? Or, you may run a business and want an accurate way to keep track of what happens during your meetings. This is where a minute taker comes in.

meetings into minutes minute taker Sydney

Minute takers are more than just a note-taker sitting in a meeting. It takes a certain skill and talent to be an effective minute taker. It is their job to attend a meeting and to record the minutes effectively. Sometimes, their role may be to just take the minutes of the meeting and that is their only formal requirement of the meeting. Other times, they may be an active participant of the meeting and has taken on an additional role of recording the minutes.

If you’re wondering who a minute taker is and what their true responsibilities are, there are a number of duties they may have at a meeting depending on the organisation or business they are attending.

What is the purpose of a minute taker?

The person who is taking the minutes of a meeting has the full responsibility of the minutes. They are in charge of taking note of everything that was discussed in the meeting, what was agreed and disagreed to and who would be taking out the actions discussed. After the meeting, they should also be able to provide a formal account of the meeting in writing.

What a minute taker takes note of throughout a meeting is often the official account of the events of the meeting. With one person responsible for taking minutes, it stops the need for everyone in attendance to have their own notes of the meeting.

What impact does a minute taker have on a meeting?

A professional minute taker who isn’t an active participant in the meeting will have no negative impact on the smooth running of your meeting. They will sit in the meeting and take the required notes to formally record the meeting. They may ask for clarification on some points within the meeting if required.

Whether you have a person from within your organisation take on the role as minute taker or you employ an independent contractor to record your minutes, a minute taker should make your meetings a lot more easier to run and organise.

What happens after the meeting?

A minute taker will have to ensure the notes they take during a meeting can then be formally presented as an accurate record of the meeting. Many minute takers use Teeline Shorthand to take down notes accurately and quickly throughout the meeting. Once the meeting is over, the minute taker will review their notes and organise a draft set of minutes to provide to the meeting organisers. Once reviewed, a final set of minutes are then provided to the appropriate parties.

Can I have a minute taker for a one-off meeting?

If you’re a small business who has meetings rather irregularly, it is often not convenient to hire a designated minute taker. Instead, a third-party minute taker may be a better option. They can attend one-off meetings or all of your regular meetings. Depending on the professional you choose, they may be available after normal business hours.

How do I hire a minute taker for my business?

If you think your business or organisation could benefit from having a minute-taker attend your next meeting, hiring a professional who specialises in taking minutes is the best option for you.

Meetings Into Minutes can help to add structure to your meetings and provide accurate and professional minutes in a timely manner. Whether you need a minute taker for an hour or a whole day, Meetings into Minutes can help.

For more information on our services or to book us for your next meeting, contact us today on 0421 388 337 or visit our website at http://meet2min.com.au/.


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